Blaze (Book 2)

April Lust

This is book 2 of the Jagged Rebels MC trilogy. Book 3 is available everywhere now! His kiss starts a fire between my legs that only his c*ck can extinguish. ROWAN No one will stop me from making the Jagged Rebels the most powerful MC in existence. But my most hated enemy wants me dead—and he almost succeeds. Becca saves me, nurses me back to health. She's a gorgeous single mother: all curves and red hair and big, gray eyes. I should leave her alone. I'll only put her in danger. But that doesn't stop me from putting my hands all over her. I mark Becca. Stake my claim and make her mine. But now, my woman is on the hit list of my enemies. And I will do anything—fight, steal, kill—to keep Becca safe. Even if it costs me my life. BECCA I'd sworn off bad boy bikers the moment I left my abusive ex in the dust. All I want is to make a new life for myself and my young daughter. Until I encounter a dying man on the side of the road, and I take him home with me. I can't stop myself from wanting Rowan. With his piercing gaze and rippling body, he seduces me. I fell under his spell. But now I'm in danger from the men who want Rowan dead. I should let him go. I know he's no good for me or my daughter. My mind tells me to break things off. But my heart knows the truth: I am—and always will be—his.

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