Christmas in Mustang Creek

Linda Lael Miller

True love gets a second chance this Christmas in Mustang Creek Growing up in Mustang Creek, Wyoming, Charlotte Morgan couldn&;t wait to escape to the big city. But with a job she doesn&;t love and a sense of loneliness she can&;t shake, life in New York is less fabulous than she&;d like to admit&;especially now that veterinarian Jaxon Locke has left town. Jax&;s move to Idaho to fill in at his dad&;s practice ended things with Charlotte just as they were getting interesting. But he didn&;t expect to miss her so much. So when Charlotte returns home to help care for the great-aunt who raised her, Jax is determined to get to Wyoming and do whatever it takes to win her back&;and he&;ll start by giving her the most magical Mustang Creek Christmas of all. Includes a bonus novella!

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