Alex and Schuler

The incredible drama that fueled the self-driving car boom. Ted is a kick-ass hardware guy who can build anything as long as you stay out of his way. He likes loud music, loud Trans Ams and dingy bars so loud you forget how much life actually sucks. So when he&;s recruited to work with a group of nerdy college roboticists to win DARPA&;s autonomous vehicle challenge, he naturally has some problems playing nice with his teammates. That is, until he&;s soundly humiliated by a team led by Samantha (Sam) &; a brilliant programmer with an entirely different approach to technology, and to life. Brought together by a well-connected entrepreneur the unlikely trio will take Silicon Valley and Detroit by storm until Ted&;s reckless nature derails his relationship with Sam, gets someone killed and nearly undermines all they&;ve worked for. FASTER examines the value of progress, the cost of obsession and the extraordinary power of the human mind, set to the backdrop of a phenomenon that would shake the world.

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